Joining a racing or motor club can be a great choice if you have knowledge and skills in motoring and wishes to share it with fellow motoring enthusiasts. The clubs on this list are extremely active in motoring and races, which will provide you with professional and dedicated racing.

Nottingham Sports Car Club

The Nottingham Sports Club stands out among the rest of the clubs on this list due to their serious dedication to hill climb and sprint racing. They do, however, also attend other rallies together as the club and strive to be as active as possible with most larger racing events in the UK. This club is extremely busy and organises up to 25 events each year.

Wallasey Motor Club

Wallasey Motor Club is one of the most diverse racing clubs in the UK. They are actively involved in a large range of motorsports and provide a thorough dedication to all their respected activities in motorsports. They attend and participate in most of the larger racing events that are held in the UK and are frequent contenders in races. This is the club for those wanting to make their raci9ng skills great. The club is professional and releases newsletters, organises its own social gatherings, and strives to be perfect.

Track Rod Motor Club – Yorkshire

The Track Rod Motor Club is based in Yorkshire and stands as the organisers of Rally Yorkshire and Lookout Stages Rally, which are two of the highest profile racing and car events for racing clubs in the UK. The club is known to put a lot of effort into their events, making it must experience event and race for any racing enthusiast.

Lindholme Motor Sports Club – Doncaster

The Lindholme Motor Sports Club was formed in 1965 and had quite an interesting beginning as working on an RAF airbase and focused on road rallies in and around Doncaster. Still based in the same area but not at the airfield has been beneficial to the club in getting more members of the community to develop a passion for racing. See classic cars with some of the most renowned racing engines in history with this club.

The clubs on this list are all dedicated to the love and passion of racing and motoring in the UK and accept members with experience and the same amount of passion for the sport.