Betting on motorsports has long been one of the most exciting sports to bet on with online gambling. With all the different championships and tournaments taking place in motorsport, there are endless possibilities for finding a race that you are interested in.

It’s important to remember that you will need knowledge of the top-performing cars and drivers to bet on, and with the cars mentioned here, you have a great chance at a lucrative bet on the Online Sportsbook BetTarget.


The Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 has won multiple important races around the world. With its VR38DETT 3,799cc engine and 405kw of power, this model is highly popular with bets in any of the races it’s used in. The car’s performance has been witnessed by winning the Blancpain Endurance and all 6 races in the Super Endurance Series.

Toyota GR Supra Tom’s

The Toyota GR Supra has long been a favourite race car for famous racers as well as road drivers looking for a bit more power. Even the factory model produces 387HP and 500NM torque from its 3.0 engine. This is a great choice when betting on the Super GT championships, with some of the top drivers choosing the Toyota GR Supra.


The Honda NSX GT is one of the most bet-on cars in Motorsports and was the leader of the 2005 Super GT NWX Pack. With its HR 420 E water cooling straight 4-cylinder turbo engine, it’s got enough power to justify almost any type of bet in the Super GT Championships. With Nirei Fukuzumi and Tomoki Nojiri being the drivers, you have even more of a chance of winning your bet.

With these cards, you have a chance of a lucrative bet in the Super GT Championships with great derivers but even more powerful cars giving you a great advantage.